So I thought I would take the family out to play in the woods and have some hot dogs made over a fire.  It was raining and cold but we were determined to have fun and escape the pull of our warm house.  We had a little walk to get to our preferred location before we could set up.

My Four year old son helped carry the kettle and some dry wood; my wife walked with my two year old daughter and carried some of our kit.  What really impressed me was how my children coped with the weather, being dirty and wet did not deter them from having fun.

My son set off straight away to explore and my little girl just wondered around playing with sticks and whatever she found.  So I set up the area for our fire, my wife searched for sticks leaving me to make the fire in the wet.  To my horror I had forgot my fire making kit, all I had was the tiniest piece of flint, I mean it was about the size of a finger nail and my carbon steel with char clothe.

So not to lose face I decided to try and use this feeble kit.  Within three minutes we had fire, it was amazing, hot drinks and hot food on a cold day does wonders for your morale, but the lesson here is simple, always be prepared.